CELLULITE MELTER! ~ Raw Food Juicer Recipes

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  1. XxEmOmE12xX says:

    Thank u!! Ur pretty awesome:) n I like the way u cut fruit!!

  2. deathstarXslaughter says:

    niiiiiiiiice. ur fit :)

  3. constillustrus says:

    omfg…sorry about that,but I just saw a guy at the website you talked about yourself.The 3 raw athlete’s that gave a talk.One of them talked that fruits provoked a mess for him with candida…that’s crazy info

  4. 1me2b4u says:

    Love your hairstyle :) 

  5. SapphireToemoe says:

    WTF you just peeled that like a pro! FUUUU O.O

  6. kidsandjazz says:

    @SapphireToemoe lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. Ambriali says:

    Thanks Dan!!! This was another delicious juice!!! You ROCK!

  8. AOLDIEH says:

    dans rv kitchen, nah woudnt have worked out! liferegenerator baby!

  9. facelessDeathsquad says:

    dan thanks bro im starting on juicing how is it u break carb addictions

  10. star13lp says:

    Is this juice suppose to be bitter? I tried it and its really really bitter :(

  11. DevinaSiswanto says:

    Dan, what if I don’t use the ginger? will it still works ?

  12. iLOSEiSHRINK says:


  13. DarlingKaya says:

    @star13lp grape fruit makes it bitter

  14. DarlingKaya says:

    did you just juice this? … im gonna try this tomorrow, so ones a day? should that be enough since im already on a high carb low fat raw vegan lifestyle?

  15. MakeupoverBOYS5 says:

    do u not peel the ginger before u juice it? thanks x

  16. youlittlewh0re says:


  17. ArockLikeSolid says:

    Me too! What I liked about the program is that it
    has its work out routine that can be done at home.
    Its not some wacky diet/ crazy weight lifting gym
    workout routine. And in just 20-30days, my skin
    has never this looked good before. Cellulite was
    vanish! Thanks to that wonderful program at:
    StopCelluliteNow.info :)

  18. TheKoreanSeabass says:

    what a baller

  19. Tangerinetaco says:

    love your videos Dan! Always :)

  20. 86Bebelyn says:

    learned a lot thanks!

  21. ilovemywellbeing says:

    Dan, this is a good vid. Straight to the point, short, informative and you know what? I love your haircut here, it really suits you. Peace.

  22. chuckMvideos says:

    @liferegenerator how many for results? 3 a day for 30 days? or….?

  23. domeskeetz says:

    i eat healthy now stopped eating all processed foods and only have been eating fruits vegetables and lesan meat for about three weeks…….my candida is still present should i just continue on how I’m doing or incorporate more fruit and evegtables. anything i can do to get my lymp system working……btw i seemed to have at first lost lot of weight now gained it all back and still only eating fruits veggies and lean meats so idk if its how my body takes in the fructose from the fruits

  24. TheHottie5576 says:

    I hear basil and any other vitamin K veggies was good for battling cellulite. How often should you drink this and how long typically will you see results for someone who has a slight case of cellulite under the buttocks area in conjunction with moderate excercise?

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