How to make juice with a steam juicer. Then, how to preserve it for years! :)

Here is all the stuff I used: Steam Juicer: Stockpot to collect and boil Juice: Water Bath Canner: Quart Jars, Rings & Lids: Tools: And any Fruit or Berry in any quantity. If you are interested in learning how to safely preserve your own foods at home, The Ball Book book literally has everything you need with safe canning times and recommendations with exact measurements for everything including fair judgement standards.


  1. EdentiaFarms says:

    LOL, come on over! We’ll have a harvest party!

  2. vlvtvc says:

    Woo Hoo! Just bought the same juicer for $49.99 including shipping on ebay. Happy Happy Joy Joy ;-D There were 5 more left if anyone wants the link. Thanks again for this awesome video Bonnie.

  3. EdentiaFarms says:

    I’m Jealous! I thought the Amazon price was pretty good, too compared to what I paid last yr. I paid almost double but good for you! I noticed a lot more kitchen gadgets are on sale this year compared to last year. Hoping I can get a pressure canner for a good deal. And then I swear the sales change everyday on Amazon lol. I have been checking pressure canner prices daily haha… I just KNOW there will be a deal soon =)

  4. aharon03 says:

    Wonderful video, Bonnie! THANKS! But, if you heat treat them does that not take most of the enzymes and other nutrients away?

  5. EdentiaFarms says:

    That is a great point. Yes, when you heat juice you do kill enzymes and some nutrients. The benefit of doing it this way is so that you can preserve the juice without preservatives or refrigeration for years. Fresh juice is best but it is not always in season. Drinking fresh juice off season, you have to wonder what chemicals have been keeping the juice fresh. Basically, drink fresh when you can. There still are tons of vitamins and nutrients left in the steamed juice.

  6. EdentiaFarms says:

    I also have a champion juicer that I use for wheat grass that I germinate indoors and for making fresh cider at harvest. I love fresh raw juice, too but I do preserve lots of steamed juice and drink it all winter. There are benefits to each type. Fresh juices won’t keep but they are healthier. Steamed juices keep much longer but have virtually no enzymes. Steam Juices still retain a lot of nutrients and enable the average person to preserve their own at home.

  7. sownlyme says:

    Really useful video – but – why record it with small child in background. I find it so irritating istening to them babbling away.

  8. EdentiaFarms says:

    I am a work at home mother and I am sharing something useful with you. I find it irritating that you have the nerve to complain about my child. This is done over several hours throughout the day when my children are awake. If you have a problem with hearing my children in the background then you can kindly not watch any of my videos. Youtube is a place where real people post videos. Real people have children. I don’t appreciate the “babbling” comment.

  9. sownlyme says:

    I did acknowledge that your video was really useful and I also took time to leave my comments by way of feedback for you. Here in the UK ‘babbling’ is often used as a term to describe childrens chatter – it is not an unfriendly term. You choose to make and present these videos and I would have thought some honest feedback would have been helpful. l also have chidren and grandchildren – sadly today’s parents feel the need to ‘share’ their children at every opportunity and it is not necessary.

  10. EdentiaFarms says:

    You are making mountains of mole hills. You can hear my husband speaking to my daughter for a few seconds, lightly and muffled. This is not a child exhibition, clearly. You’re “share” comment is not accurate either. I don’t care to argue this back and forth. I pity that the sound of happy children make you feel irritable. I enjoy seeing children in other people’s videos. Obviously, you have pre-determined that any amount of background noise is unacceptable so please don’t watch.

  11. susannamcintyre says:

    Thank you for this video. I am looking into getting a steam juicer so I thought I would youtube it and see what came up. You did a wonderful job of explaining it all.

  12. EdentiaFarms says:

    awesome, glad I could help!

  13. goatkisses says:

    Thanks for this video! I have a steam juicer, but haven’t been able to use it yet. I am still learning how to can some things, I just canned tomatoes for the first time this year. I loved your idea of putting them into the fair, I have never thought about that, but it would add an element of fun to what I like to learn to do already. Do you put apples into the steam juicer? If so, do you peel them first? Thank you for your helpful information!

  14. EdentiaFarms says:

    Yes, I put the apples in there whole. I don’t do anything to them if I only want juice. I have another video showing how to make apple juice and applesauce with the same apples in the steam juicer. In that method I use a peeling, slicing, coring tool.

  15. savgal1211 says:

    I have pressure canned beef stews, chilis, chicke, turkey and pork with my 921 All American canner. I like this idea, too!! Neat!! (But I am going RAW and I have not eaten meat in 13 years, I store it for my husband and other family…)

  16. EdentiaFarms says:

    I eat raw foods in season. There is hardly anything in season right now. Some roots and that’s all. I have another juicer for raw foods and I sprout wheatgrass indoors for a healthy fresh source of raw enzymes. I try and avoid purchasing raw food from cold storage. I try to preserve my own food as much as possible.

  17. kbj57 says:

    Great video…very informational Thanks a lot!

  18. Sunya Clark says:

    You have alot of PATIENCE! GREAT VID!

  19. aufheben5 says:

    Awesome! I’m real excited to learn more tricks of the trade. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  20. gingergargoyle says:

    Cool – I’ve been looking at getting one of these juice pots but wasn’t sure how they worked … Nice to know the juice is concentrated too! Any fruit you found should NOT be used? Have you used the spent fruit for anything people would eat, or is it pretty much done at that point?

  21. EdentiaFarms says:

    While I usually give the spent fruit to my animals, I do sometimes do an applesauce/applejuice combo. I have a video on that, too. You can go to my channel page and search for “apple juice and sauce” and it should come up for you. Basically you can peel & core the apples, then juice them, then what’s left in the colander is steamed apple juice. You can the juice, then can the sauce. I use that sauce a lot for baking breads and things.

  22. UNIVERSITYHI says:

    Great video. I am a guy and only canned once. I made blackberry jam and put it in jars with a diamond pattern embossed on the outside. It was beautiful and looked like garnets.

  23. jannyleigh47 says:

    thks for explaining so well. what do u tthink about canning watermelon juice?

  24. EdentiaFarms says:

    I never tried it. Let me know if you try it. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t do it.

  25. makrsk09 says:

    It is more helpful when you add water to the bottom pan that you use boiling water from another pot, so that the water keeps right on boiling.

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