Hydraulic Press vs. Angel Juicer

www.eu juicers .com Two “best juice yield” juicers , Norwalk Hydraulic Press and the Angel juicer, tested head to head with 1000g carrots, apples, oranges and 680g of leafy greens.


  1. bambelbino says:

    The Norwalk Juicer seems to be an (apple) juice oxidant machine…

  2. kosai19 says:

    Shocking to see the differences in yield and juice quality. It really confirms all the hype around the famous Norwalk product and how false it all was. I always never understood why people thought this machine would produce better quality juice since the triterator operates at around 3000rpm (similar to centrifugal juicer) relative to the ~80 rpm of the super angel. $2700 vs $1000 also, just a joke.

  3. obsbunch says:

    I am shocked! The angel bested the norwalk in every category. Including price. Now if they can stick around with a solid warrantee they will be worth the money.

  4. Emerito82 says:

    Wow I’ve been wondering a long time about these two juicers,to bad I didn’t see this vid before I bought the Norwalk. Thanks

  5. euJUICERScom says:

    Hi, no need to regret your choice. We still believe Norwalk is a good juicer as the juice quality is the best – it produces the cleanest juice from all juicers.

  6. goldsmith001 says:

    Thanks for the great video. I have an
    Angel and love it. Run the pulp through a second time with the Angel and you will be amazed at how much more juice you will get, making it even better ! If I juice and get one quart, I will get another 2-3 ounces by running it through again, and it takes less than a minute and it goes through without using the push rod. I did notice how brown the apple juice was produced through the Norwalk. Thanks again.

  7. euJUICERScom says:

    Hi, we used old 5500 but 7500 would deliver the same results.

  8. xiatian80 says:

    Thanks. Can you let me know if there is any weight difference between Angel 7500 and 8500 model?

  9. euJUICERScom says:

    Hi, we have asked factory and they say there is 5-10g difference (8500S is heavier).

  10. johnrk556 says:

    Biggest problem with the Super Angel is the fly-by-night company selling them in the US.

  11. euJUICERScom says:

    So we’ve heard! :-( Wish it wasn’t that way nor should it be!

  12. MayFly000 says:

    Colour difference in the apple juice:
    The juice from the NW is completely pulp-free, therefore the green pigment from the apples will also be gone giving a more off colour juice. With the Angel there is still a fair amount of pulp (and green pigment) in the juice, which would account for the bright green colour. I do not think the cutting action in the NW compares with a centrifugal juicer as the NW crushes the produce to turn it into a pulp -does not spin it around, which would cause oxidation.

  13. euJUICERScom says:

    Thank you for interesting comment. We plan to make nutrition tests so these should prove if you were right or wrong.

  14. SloanZurnToto says:

    johnk556 you really need to let this thing go between you and the Angel juicer people.
    With that video you made it looks like you are a very angry, bitter man. It looks bad on you bashing them.
    Like I said you need to be mature about this and just let it go.
    From all the videos it’s obvious the Angel juicer is one of the best if not the best juicer out there, even bests the mighty Norwalk.
    You are losing credibility in my book with your vengeance.
    Let it go and you will be free.

  15. collington22 says:

    So its official the Angel is the best juicer in the world . . .

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