Is bottled carrot juice just as healthy as homemade carrot juice?

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July 21, 2012

I drink Bolthouse Farms juice. Does it have the same benefits as homemade carrot juice?

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Y Dobon
- 3 Years ago

Probably not.

Just look at the juice label. If it says "pasteurized", it is definitely not as healthy as homemade carrot juice. Almost all store-bought fruit and vegetable juices have been pasteurized. The heat from the pasteurization process destroys some of the nutrients.

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Per Ⓥ Se
- 3 Years ago

Nothing is as good as homemade. Even if it’s homemade, it has benefits only 24 hours after squeezing the juice out. And if you are drinking it as a remedy, that is, as an alternative to medicine, then you need it to be really strong, in its full force, which is only 10 minutes after squeezing out.

As for juices from the store, first of all, they are not only juice. They have preservatives that make them not go bad after those 24 hours are up. But these preservatives, they work by making processes in the juice stop, and once you drink them, they make processes in your body stop. And that’s pretty bad, to say the least. Like there is this saying: "The longer the shelf life, the shorter yours".

Also, juices from the store are nearly always pasteurized. This means that they have been heated. Heat kills 70% of the vitamins, even if they were freshly squeezed.

Not to mention that bottles are never just juice all the way up to the top. They are juice+water. And that water is pretty much tap water which has chlorine in it. Chlorine has a pretty bad effect when it’s heated. This chemical reaction happens during which it becomes part of this really complicated chlorine compound which your body can’t break down, and so you store it as a toxin. Toxins cause health problems, not to mention cellulite.

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- 3 Years ago

nope, all package food are bad in someway

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